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Forced Order
'Ever since she ran me through with a 2x4, things have been different.'
'The only money my family has is in the couch cusions.'
'I'm a detective Kendrick, I'm detecting.'
'Remember when Robert Price let the senior partners down and they made him eat his liver? I don't know what made me think of that.'
'Their ways are not our ways.'
'If you apologize to me, I will beat you to death.'
'I've been asleep for eight months- you rest.'
'They gave you a soul- a filthy soul!'
'I hate to admit failure when there's no one else to blame it on.'
'What's a rouge demon?'
'I don't need advice from some middle-class white dude that's dead!'
'I will admit it may not be as intoxicating as a life erected on high fashion pumps and a push up bra!'

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