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How many movies does Shawnee Smith's character appear in?
Who is the actor that plays 'jigsaw'?Saw - Saw VI
Who is Seth?Saw V
Jill tries to kill_?Saw VI
How many people are left at the end of saw V after all the events happen?Saw V
In Saw VI who ends up establishing themself as the 'worth legacy of jigsaw'?Saw VI
Who is the 'last man standing'?Saw V
In Saw I the doctors name is?Saw
Detective Eric Matthews son is named?Saw II
What is wrong with Jigsaw?Saw III
There are how many spots on the 'roulette wheel'?Saw VI
Dr Lynn's husband is?Saw III
Saw VII release date is?2010
Where are the words 'feel what i feel' located?Saw IV
Jigsaw is also known as?Saw - Saw VI
Where is the cassette found?Saw IV
Who is Jigsaw's 'protégée'?Saw III
Detective Matthews ends up being alive in what movie?
In Saw II how many people start off in the house?Saw II
How does Obi die in Saw II?Saw II
David Tapp is what famous actor?Saw
there are not '5' letters there are_?Saw VI
Where does most of Saw I take place?Saw

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