Vocabulary for Visual Studies 2 Chapter 5

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The discredited belief that technological progress is inevitable, that the sole determining factor in social change, that it exists autonomously and uninfluenced by social context
Editing technique in film that combines separate images into a sequence that conveys the passage of time or a new meaning/emotion
The special sacred quality that seems to emanate from unique works of art
The quality of a photographic image to convey the reality of a thing pictured and to guarantee that it had existed at one time
Copying without permission allowed in limited cases, such as for scholarship or review, Rogers vs Koons
The bundle of rights pertaining to an image that includes being able to control and regulate its distribution copying display and performance
The quality of being genuine or unque, the special something cannot be reproduced
Branch of philosophy that emphasizes the lived bodily component of experience and knowledge
When a mark or term becomes so widespread that it becomes synonymous with a generic type
The act of making a copy or duplicating

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