Vocabulary for Visual Studies 2: Chapter 3

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Category of subjectivity that is defined as the symbolic opposite to the mainstream, normative category
Belief that European practices and beliefs are more advance and civilized than elsewhere in the world
Relationship of looking, involving desire/control(Male, Institutional, Exotic)
Stage of development in which children recognize their image in a mirror, the recognition is split, meaning that the image is both the same and different, yet provides a sense of
Set of dual terms that seem stable and exclusive whereby one term is determined by the others difference
How western cultures have represented and conceived Eastern and Middle Eastern culture as ÔÇťother'
Concept in psychoanalytic theory: repository for desires and fears that motivate behaviour even though the conscious mind is unaware of their existence
How states and institutions regulate and control human suspects. School, military, work place...etc
General field in which practices of looking or varieties of the gaze, are embedded in
Traditional social and architectural space of the cinema
Psychological process of bonding with the main character, being absorbed into the narrative and symbolically transformed
Model by which contemporary society scrutinizes behaviour so that individuals internalise and obey its rules, by Foucault
Socially organized process about talking/writing about a subject matter: body of accepted knowledge

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