Vocabulary for Visual Studies 2 Chapter 1

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A belief that if an image is produced by a mechanical device it is object record of reality.
How images directly reflect the world (vs)
Science of signs.
Shared set of values that exist in a society
How images produce meanings according to social and aesthetic conventions.
Crude use of stereotypes to manipulate popular opinion.
The world is invented in the process of representation.
Description, fact, literal.
The material basis of the sign which could be almost anything. Anything that signifies something or conveys a message
A cultural Practice.
The meaning or concept that the significant refers to.
The object of being represented.
Allusion, association.
The aspect or detail that grabs the attention or emotion of a viewer
Philosophical position that only science because of its objective verifiable methods is the source of authentic knowledge.
The common, banal meaning and information in a photograph (vs)
Cultural values and beliefs expressed at the level of connotation as to appear obvious.
image with symbolic significance. Represents universal concept/emotion/meaning. I.E. Madonna and child, universal concept of love, easy to understand even without Christian context
The act of perceiving (vs)
Creation of meaning through the act of portraying the likeness of something.

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