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Marilyn Diptych 1962
Untitled (Mirror Cubes) 1965-71
133 People Paid to Have their Hair Dyed Blond, 2001
The Homeless Project Vehicle, 1988-89
Horn Players, 1983
Spiral Jetty, 69-70
Meat Joy, 1964
Canyon, 1959
Trolly, New Orleans 1955-56
Seagram Building, 54-58
The Advantages of Being a Woman Artist, 1988
Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao, Spain, 1993-97
One and Three Chairs, 1965
Rope Piece, 1969-70
Untitled Film Still #21, 1978
The Holy VIrgin Mary, 1996
After “Invisible Man” by Ralph Ellison, The Preface, 1999-2001
Yard, 1961
Stereo Styles, 1988
The Dinner Party, 74-79

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