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Area which once encompassed French Indochina
Where you will find more than 90% of the worlds ice
An Australian State with reference to the UK
Birth place of Sir Ridley Scott and town in the English county of Tyne and Wear
A sea south of China
Fictional cartoon town set in Colorado
A disputed region and partly recognized state in the South Caucasus
Modern day country and location of the Boer War
The Māori call it the canoe of Maui
An English county bordering Scotland
This country is born on the 9 July 2011
Can't get any further North
U.S state with the capital city of Raleigh
City of 234,000 people on the South coast of England
The translation of the Russian archipelago Severnaya Zemlya
Can't get any further South
Antarctic islands named after a set of Scottish Islands
Body of water seperating the UK from mainland Europe
Home to Mount Rushmore
Palmetto State is the official nickname of this U.S state
U.S state bordering Canada
Continent with the Andes mountain range
Where 90% of the worlds population lives
Body of water that is longitudinally perpetual
The country where Taekwondo was created
Unincoroporated territory of the USA
Continent with the Rocky Mountains
The Māori call it the fish of Maui
A formation of stars replicated on some flags
Islands fought over by Argentina and the UK in 1982
One of the 4 constituent countries of the UK
A mostly uncontacted tribal island administered by India
An Australian Territory
Not a place but a phenomenon called the Aurora Borealis
...of the Eiger
An Australian State
A communist country

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