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ChampionshipOpponent/PartnerMatch Type and Trivia
WCW Championship (Halloween Havoc 1995)Won due to a special clause which stated that the championship could change on a DQ, he became the youngest WCW Champion in history
WCW Championship (Monday Night Nitro, April 22, 1996)Normal Match
World War 3 WinnerDefeat 59 other men to get a WCW Championship shot (he used it at nWo Souled Out 1997) NOTE:name runner-up
WCW World Tag Team Championship (w/Lex Luger, SuperBrawl 1997)Normal Match
WCW World Tag Team Championship (w/Sting, Slamboree 1998)Normal Match
WCW World Tag Team Championship (w/Scott Hall,Monday Night Nitro, July 20, 1998Normal match
WWE World Tag Team Championship (w/Undertaker, Summerslam 1999)Normal Match
WWE World Tag Team Championship (w/Undertaker, Smackdown!, ,September 7, 1999)Buried Alive Match
WWE Championship (Survivor Series 1999)Triple Threat Match, took Stone Cold's place (Stone Cold was injured)
2000 Royal Rumble Runner-UpBig Show was convinced he won and produced video evidence was given match at No Way Out for a spot at Wrestlemania 2000
WWE Hardcore Championship (No Way Out 2001)Normal Match
ChampionshipOpponent/PartnerMatch Type and Trivia
WWE Hardcore Championship (Raw is War, May 21,2001)Normal Match
WWE Hardcore Championship (Live Event, July 12, 2002The title changed four times during the event
WWE Championship (Survivor Series 2002)Normal Match
WWE US Championship (No Mercy 2003)Normal Match and it was only the second US reign after the US Championship was reactivated on July27th, 2003
2004 Royal Rumble Runner-UpAt Wrestlemania XX, became first man to defend US Championship at Wrestlemania losing to John Cena
WWE World Tag Team Championship (w/Kane, Taboo Tuesday 2005)Kane and Big Show were voted into the match after both lost the WWE Championship poll to Shawn Michaels
ECW Championship (ECW on Sci Fi, July 7,2006)Became the only man to hold the WCW, WWE and ECW Championships
Unified WWE Tag Team Championships (WWE Tag and World Tag Team Titles) (w/Chris Jericho, Night of Champions 2009)Big Show was chosen by Chris Jericho to be his tag-team partner after the other half of the Unified Tag Team Championship, Edge suffered a torn achilles tendon
2009 Slammy Award for Best Tag TeamHis first and only Slammy to date
Unified Tag Team Championships (WWE Tag and WWE World Tag Team Titles) (w/The Miz, Raw, February 8, 2010)Triple threat elimination match also involving Straight Edge Society's CM Punk and Luke Gallows

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