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I'm only evil when i need to be but you did this so easilyAmerican Tragedy
you talk to me twice you better talk to my pimp handAmerican Tragedy
you know i'll be here all night and undead 'till the day we dieSwan Songs
a deal with the devil is a deal with me that deal is forever as long as you breatheAmerican Tragedy
How can someone say they're helpless and then they act so selfishUntitled
when we stop and we look up to the sky they don't ask any questions they ask us whyAmerican Tragedy
i see the children in the rain like the parade before the painSwan Songs
Even in our greatest moments we may win or we may loseSwan Songs
it's like okay basically we get sh*tfaced and crazySwan Songs
It's nights like these that we all love living so take out your hands and throw the H.U. upSwan Songs
You ask who you love and you don't know no do you the spirt of god just passes right though youAmerican Tragedy
There's no light, there's no sound, hard to breathe when you're underground, can you (song title)American Tragedy
I'm a baritone with a voice that's so low it'll make your speakers explodeSwan Songs
Drink fast and enjoy your buzz take back seats to avoid the fuzzSwan Songs
I'm ashes to ashes i'm dust to dustAmerican Tragedy
It's chanukah in Inglewood the dradle's spinning in the hoodUntitled
so I sit in my room and I'll cry in my bed thinking about all the sh*t that made me wrong in my headSwan Songs
so don’t you try we’re packin` 9’s we leave you [song name]Untitled
i'm the man and i'm the man and everybody out there knows that i'm the baddestDesperate Measures
you know that hiding ain't gonna keep you safe, 'cause the tears on your face they leak and leave a traceAmerican Tragedy
it's not just make belive when they make me take a seat and they put ephenamines in the air and make me breatheSwan Songs
With no thought logically we're wondering the streets so aimlesslySwan Songs
it ain't possible to manage all the carnage and the damage and an animal like me can use it all to my advantageAmerican Tragedy
girl you so hot you could spark a match me and Funny wanna flip you like an acrobatAmerican Tragedy
i won't give up so god save us it feels like we're getting closerSwan Songs
you see this blood on my hands at least they still reach into heavenAmerican Tragedy
this life that's so thankless how could he just forsake usSwan Songs
it's easy to be drunk when it's hard to be soberAmerican Tragedy
it's the J-O-H to the N-Y-3-T you're lucky you ain't dead if you know they sent me!American Tragedy
I watch you pass me by, my words they can't describe.Day Of The Dead
if the city never sleeps well f*ck it nither will iAmerican Tragedy
It was my heart it was my life it was my start it was your knifeSwan Songs
You got nowhere to run to so don't try hidingNotes From The Underground
You cowards can't you never will don't even try to pursue it i took the chance i payed the bill i nearly died for this musicSwan Songs
Come shake it baby come on grab a drink i wanna see you hit the floorSwan Songs
when you were young you never thought you die, found that you could but too scared to tryAmerican Tragedy
Burn me at the stake, met the devil made the deal for itSwan Songs
I’ll drink a fifth of vodka till its gone and if it feels so good then it cant be wrongAmerican Tragedy
Who's the judge wh's insane wacth us all wash awayAmerican Tragedy
I'm the reason you came here i'm the american tragedyAmerican Tragedy
deuce you coming out here has got me provoked, i'mma cut your ass up like a line of cokeAmerican Tragedy
f*ck you H.U crew we don't give a f*ck what? what?Desperate Measures

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