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baby please just tell me how we ever went so wrong, we used to sing togeter when we used to sing a songAmerican Tragedy
blazed up smoked out i'm outta my mind we just cruise aroundAmerican Tragedy
so i sit in my room and i cry on my bed thinking about all the shtt that made me wrong in the headSwan Songs
it might be the drugs talkin' or the shots of patronAmerican Tragedy
i don't even know if it was your time but like all good things that pass you byAmerican Tragedy
let's get this party jumpin' let's see some 40 chugginSwan Songs
rollin' with Funny Man and he's breaking a blunt snacth it outta his hand now i'm blazin' it upAmerican Tragedy
Deuce you coming out here's got me provoked, i'mma roll your ass up like a line of cokeAmerican Tragedy
if it ain't real then we'll fake it open your mouth then i'll break it i don't give a f*ck if you hate it!Swan Songs
we can take the blame 'cause your parents don't wannaAmerican Tragedy
keep it the same you know undead is the nameSwan Songs
my clothes are always are always retro, sexual like i'm hetroSwan Songs
i'm sitting on the edge with my two best friends, one's a bottle of pills and one's a bottle of ginAmerican Tragedy
if i could take all this pain away use the rage of our youth todaySwan Songs
i'll rob a bank or i'll cheat and steal, de-rail a f*cking train 'cause you know that i willAmerican Tragedy
i feel the heat like the barrel of a gun i forgot the last time i saw the sun American Tragedy
start getting loud i wanna party now if you hate an undead it's a party foulSwan Songs
I'm getting use to this nuisance of fags who bad mouth this musicSwan Songs
i'm not here to attack or make you kids panicSwan Songs
a finger print well whats that do 'cause gasoline can burn that toAmerican Tragedy
heart's beating faster running to the front lines nobody runs or makes it out aliveAmerican Tragedy
oh my god i'm one of a kind, i'mma smash it up it's about damn timeAmerican Tragedy
you're the first to hit the floor 'cause you know that we stay lit we're kicking in your door 'cause we ain't nothing to f*ck with!American Tragedy
is this destiny or am i going home what will happen to my soulSwan Songs
take the pill in god we trust go and kill god loves usSwan Songs
the spirit of god just passes right though you, you gave away heaven handed right to you American Tragedy
as we walk amoung these shadows in these streets these fields of battleSwan Songs
my lips are sewn shut i watch myself bleed Swan Songs
let it all burn i will burn first god i've lied am i still lost in your eyesSwan Songs
In the belly of the beast i'm a wolf amongst the sheepAmerican Tragedy
i wish i could have quit you i wish i never missed youSwan Songs
'cause i'm an angel a demon yeah i'm hell and i'm heavenAmerican Tragedy
don't have any answers don't know what to say our knees are getting tired too tired to prayAmerican Tragedy
walking these streets so absent of hope a pillow of concrete a man with no homeAmerican Tragedy
in the club you in the corner while my **** goes crazySwan Songs
i don't know why i cut myself god give me a sign or helpSwan Songs

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