NBA PPG Leader By Letter (A-Z)

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Can you name the NBA PPG Leader By Letter?

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A34.84 PPG /1971-72/ MIL
B35.58 PPG /1966-67/ SFW
C50.36 PPG /1961-62/ PHW
D30.61 PPG /1983-84/ UTA
E29.80 PPG /1985-86/ DEN
F30.22 PPG /1979-80/ SDC
G33.14 PPG /1979-80/ SAS
H29.23 PPG /1972-73/ SEA
I33.01 PPG /2005-06/ PHI
J37.09 PPG /1986-87/ CHI
K32.89 PPG /1984-85/ NYK
L*26.04 PPG /2011-12/ MIN
M34.52 PPG /1974-75/ BUF
N*26.56 PPG /2005-06/ DAL
O29.67 PPG /1999-00/ LAL
P31.14 PPG /1961-62/ STL
Q8.0 PPG /1970-71/ DET
R31.39 PPG /1963-64/ CIN
S*29.75 PPG /2000-01/ DET
T31.17 PPG /1959-60/ CIN
U16.2 PPG /1969-70/ BAL
V29.42 PPG /1983-84/ DEN
W31.34 PPG /1965-66/ LAL
Y27.79 PPG /1957-58/ DET
Z20.6 PPG / 1949-50/ CHS

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