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Left for Dead, Snakes and Daggers
Seabiscuit's Last Regret, UPS Can Suck It
Sinking Ship, Hospital, City's So Sad
Captain Blood, Sink Or Swim, Life!
Confessions Of An Escape Artist, Just In Case
Look Up Look Out, I Went To ______, NJ And I Left With A Gambling Problem
Monument, Homesick, Another Song For The Weekend
Game On, San Diego, For The Win
Geography, Vonnegut and Me, Again and Again, Detroit
Chicks Dig Scars, Glory Lasts Forever, Throwdown
Beatdown In The Key Of Happy, What The Hell Is A Gigawatt?, Bad News Bearz
Count On It, Phoenix Can Keep You, When Cheating Had A Feeling
It's All About The Angles, Take This City
Back Breaker, Coast To Coast
Ready To Go, This Song Is So... 2006
Hope Is Alive And Well, Gas Station Grills, If Only Your Band Was As Big As Your Ego
Love Your Friends, Die Laughing, Sidekick, Montrose, 210B
Cashing Cheques, We Can Take The PPG
Situations, Hit Or Miss (Waited Too Long), My Friends Over You
Knarfle The Garthog, Miss January
My Secret, For The Youth, Clap Your Hands
Mutiny!, This Very Moment, Gaia Bleeds (Make Way For Man)
Action Figures That Fall Asleep, MMORPGirl
Spring Break!, Mixed Signals, WOW OMG!
Waking Up In Wakefield, Heavy Deuces
Northward Winds Were Bound To Happen, And We Devised A Master Plan
In The End, Show Me, Go Slinky Go!
We Have A Body Count, The Walls Have Ears,
Dead Weight, Don't Catch A Brick, Keep It Going
'Bout To Get Fruit Punched Homie, Won't Be Pathetic Forever, This Party Sucks, My Geraldine Lies Over The Delaware
Good Guys Win, Miracle Me, Phileo

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