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who turns out to be the one who floods the new aqua lounge?
during 'breakup in paris' woody is dressed up as who?
In order to date bailey, cody makes a plan that is supposed to take how many months?
What is londons last name?
when a class assignment causes the students to marry each other, who does london marry?
On parrot island, bailey finds a pig who she names ___?
What is the name of the school the students attend?
What is codys job on the ship?
marcus and mr moseby get stuck at a swedish store looking for a screw while wanting to see a museam for what music group?
when zack is uses an internet dating service to get mr moseby and his teacher to date, an old lady at the dance thinks zack is her date because he has what number on his shirt?
What does londons grandmother work as?
where is bailey from?
Who was londons original roomate?
zach turns in one of codys papers and is sent to a councler because they think he is scared of what?
prince jeffey falls in love with which guest character?
in one episode, woody pretends to be a model named what?

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