Degrassi Hook-Up Chain

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Can you name the hook-ups from the show Degrassi?

Updated May 28, 2013

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Spike hooked up with Shane and had a daughter named ___
Who went on her first date with ___
Who moved in with ___
Who had a crush on her bandmate ___
Who got ___ pregnant
Who was fake engaged to ___
Who dated ___ before she realized she was a lesbian
Who was on and off with her girlfriend ___
Who dated ___ and wrecked his car
Who went out with ___, from Friendship Club
Who had sex with ___
Who dated teenage mother ___
Who dated ___ before he died
Who had a baby with ___ and gave it up for adoption
Who hooked up with ___ at prom
Who actually went to prom with ___
Who ___ had a crush on in junior high
Who was kissed by ___ during Saturday detention
Who dated her only boyfriend ___
Who went out with ___ before she became goth
Who hooked-up with ___ when she was on ecstasy
Who dated ___ during his 'bad' phase when he was stealing laptops
Who got gonorrhea from ___
Who hooked-up with ___ in a van
Who dated ___ when she was anorexic
Who videotaped ___ topless after she wouldn't go out with him
Who went out with ___ after flirting with him at the car wash
Who had a crush on ___ until she came to the school dance drunk
Who went out with her abusive boyfriend ___
Who developed a crush on ___
Who had a crush on ___ at the 80s dance
Who was kissed by ___ out of desperation to make his boyfriend jealous
Who dated ___ before he realized he was gay
Who kissed her roommate ___ to prove that a kiss means nothing
Who went on a date with ___ on a dare
Who dated ___ until she realized he was too immature
Who had a crush on her roommate ___
Who dated his roommate ___

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