Celebrity Jeopardy (Likely) Correct Answers

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Can you name the most likely correct response to questions from these categories of Saturday Night Live's 'Celebrity ?

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Current U.S. Presidents
Presidents Who Are on the One Dollar Bill
Foods That End in 'amburger'
Months that Start with 'Feb'
Movies that Start with the Word 'Jaws'
What Ears Do
Twinkle Twinkle Little ____
Colors that End in 'urple'
Famous Muppet Frogs
Colors That are Red
The Letter that Comes After B
Drummers Named 'Ringo'
States that Begin with 'Californ'
The Number After 2
Famous Kareem Abdul-Jabbars
Countries Between Canada and Mexico
Things You Do with a Pencil Sharpener
Black Comedians Named 'Whoopi'
States that End in 'Hampshire'
What Color is Green

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