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How old am I?
What is my Dad's name?
What is my favorite NFL team?
Where was I born?
How many toes do I have?
What is my favorite number?
What is my favorite holiday?
How many fingers do I have?
What was the name of my dog?
How many stars are on the EU flag?
Who is my favorite Orioles player?
What is my favorite TV show?
Who is my favorite NBA player?
How many girls have I boned?
What kind of contact solution do I use?
What is the only XBox Game I currently own (after the Chiswick Breakin)
What bone did I most recently break in my body?
Who is my favorite NHL player?
How many colleges did I apply to?
What is my oldest brother's name?
Who was my first kiss?
What's a karate instructor's title?
Name the two Orioles players whose Jersey I own
What is my favorite color?
What is my favorite rubinoff flavor?

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