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betrayed rome to the enemy in exchange for what was on their forearms
raped by sextus tarquinius and her suicide triggered a revolt against King Tarquinius Superbus
key figure in overthrowing the monarchy and establishing the republic
attempted to assassinate an Etruscan king burned off his hand
alone held off the Etruscans at the Sublician bridge before swimming to safety
heroically led a group of Roman hostages to safety
told story of the belly and limbs to win back the plebeians who were on strike
with her speech shamed her son out of attacking rome
As dictator saved a roman consul and his trapped army and then gave up power
old and blind persuaded senate not to accept a peace treaty from the Greek king
famed for his honesty and integrity was poor and refused a bribe from Greece's king
at cost of his own life persuaded senate to decline a prisoner exchange
prevented military disaster as delayer against hannibal's troops
anti-Carthage senator who ended every speech with 'Carthago delenda est' 'Carthage must be destroyed'

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