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Complete the comment that is likely to get downvoted.

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This quiz is too easy. I got __ out of 10 answers correct.
Knock knock. ___ _____?
This quiz sucks. On a scale from 1 to 10 I give this quiz a _.
You spelled 'color' wrong. It's spelled ______.
In this 'Best Bar Songs' quiz you forgot MY favorite: Billy Joel's _____ ___.
This 'Words to the Star Spangled Banner' quiz is stupid because I don't even live in the ___.
Play my ____ - Ways to get banned from Sporcle - at
You're quiz is soooo stoopid. Theirs no excuze too ____ incorectly.
Who is this superhero Hal Jordan? I never even heard of the Green ______.
Have the username _____.

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