Hunger Games: Odd One Out

Random Literature or The Hunger Games Quiz

Can you name the answer in each Hunger Games-related category that doesn't belong?

Updated Nov 20, 2014

How to Play
ChoicesOdd One OutCategory
Glimmer, Thresh, Foxface, CatoTributes turned into mutts
Sharks, Blood, Monkeys, FogSections of the 75th Games arena
Portia, Venia, Flavius, OctaviaKatniss' Prep Team
Rue, Marvel, Foxface, Chaff74th Hunger Games Tributes
Enobaria, Cato, Gloss, ThreshMember of the careers alliance
Johanna, Snow, Lyme, BeeteeVictors of the Hunger Games
Cressida, Annie, Castor, KatnissAlive at the end of Mockingjay
Haymitch, Mags, Effie, BrutusMentored the Hunger Games
Caesar, Plutarch, Coin, ClaudiusLives in the Capital
Katniss, Haymitch, Finnick, PeetaLives in District 12

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