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Year Released/ActorMovieMoney Made
1997/Leonardo DiCaprio$600,779,824
2008/Christian Bale$533,316,061
1977/Mark Hamill$460,935,665
2004/Mike Myers$436,471,036
1982/Henry Thomas$434,949,459
1999/Ewan McGregor$431,065,444
2006/Johnny Depp$423,032,628
2002/Tobey Maguire$403,706,375
2009/Megan Fox$402,076,689
2005/Natalie Portman$380,262,555
Year Released/ActorMovieMoney Made
2003/Elijah Wood$377,019,252
2004/Kirsten Dunst$373,377,893
2004/James Caviezel$370,270,943
1993/Sam Neill$356,784,000
2002/Sean Astin$340,478,898
2003/Alexander Gould$339,714,367
2007/Topher Grace$336,530,303
1994/Tom Hanks$329,691,196
1994/Jonathan Thomas$328,423,001
2007/Eddie Murphy$320,706,665

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