Countries with highest Volcanoes

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Can you name the Countries with the highest Volcanoes on each Continent?

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North America
Pico de Orizaba (5611 m) 
Mount Bona (5005 m) 
Volcán Tajumulco (4220 m) 
Volcán Barú (3474 m) 
Volcán Irazú (3432 m) 
South America
Nevado Ojos del Salado (6887 m) 
Nevado Ojos del Salado (6887 m) 
Nevado Sajama (6542 m) 
Nevado Coropuna (6425 m) 
Chimborazo (6310 m) 
Elbrus (5642 m) 
Pico del Teide (3718 m) 
Etna (3350 m) 
Pico (2351 m) 
Beerenberg (2277 m) 
Kilimanjaro (5895 m) 
Mount Kenya (5199 m) 
Karisimbi (4507 m) 
Karisimbi (4507 m) 
Mount Elgon (4321 m) 
Damavand (5670 m) 
Ararat (5165 m) 
Kazbek (5047 m) 
Klyuchevskoy (4750 m) 
Aragats (4090 m) 
Australia and Oceania
Mount Giluwe (4368 m) 
Ruapehu (2797 m) 
Savai'i (1858 m) 
Aoba /Ambae (1496 m) 
Taveuni (1241 m) 

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