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The process of protecting and defending a cultural system against diluting or offensive cultural expressions while at the same time actively promoting national and local values
Escaped slave
Practice that stresses privatization, export production, FDI, and a few restrictions on imports
The value of all final goods and services produced within a country’s borders
Economic and political strategies by which powerful states indirectly extend their influence over weaker states
Money sent back home
A business practice that transfers portions of a company’s production and service activities to lower-cost settings
The active promotion of one cultural system at the expense of another
Blending of African, European, and some Amerindian cultural elements into the unique sociocultural systems found in the Caribbean
A “revolution” which involved new agricultural techniques using genetically altered seeds coupled with high inputs of chemical fertilizers and pesticides
Assembly plant on the US-Mexico border
The increasing interconnectedness of people and places through converging processes of economic, political, and cultural change
The effect that provides us with a warm atmospheric envelope that supports human life and comes from the trapping of incoming and outgoing solar radiation by an array of natural gr
Duty-free and tax-exempt industrial park created to attract foreign corporations and create industrial jobs
James Monroe's proclamation saying the United States would not tolerate European involvement in the Western Hemisphere
Firm that does global business through international subsidiaries, disrupts local ecosystems in its incessant search for natural resources and manufacturing sites
An alliance between the US, Mexico, and Canada
A nation that allocates considerable political power to units of government beneath the national level
A spread of desertlike conditions into semiarid areas
Arc of small Caribbean islands from St. Maarten to Trinidad
4 large Caribbean islands--Cuba, Jamaica, Hispaniola, and Puerto Rico
The GDP combined with net income from abroad
A process by which a country adopts the US dollar as its official currency
The idea that European capitalism is responsible for the underdevelopment of Latin America
Migration of the best-educated people for developing countries to developed nations where economic opportunites are greater
The process of a colony’s gaining control over its territory and establishing a separate, independent government
Mixed ancestry
A language two countries with different tongues agree upon as a third language
Forced removal of Africans from their native are
The potential of return migrants to contribute to the social and economic development a home country with the experiences they have gained abroad
Religions that attempt to appeal to all peoples, regardless of location or culture
An increase of temperature of Earth’s atmosphere
A crude factory in which workers sew clothing, assemble sneakers, and perform other labor-intensive tasks for extremely low wages
State in which power is centralized at the national level
Foreign workers contracted to labor on agricultural estates for a set period of time
A general agreement on tariffs and trades
Land characterized by shorter, less dense grasslands
Economic flight of Caribbean people across the globe
How well different locations become linked with one another through improved transportation and communications networks
When people consider themselves either nonreligious or outright atheistic

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