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adj. greatly respected; holy; sacred
v. 1. to struggle with in close combat; to wrestle. 2. to come to grips with. n. an iron shaft with a claw for grasping and holding things
adj. having terrible consequences; urgent or desperate
v. 1. to give careful thought to; to ponder. 2. to have plans to; to intend
adj. highly skilled; expert
n. an act of great cruelty and wickedness
n. 1. money or property left to another in a will. 2. something passed on to those who come after
v. to go or come before in time, rank, or position
n. a wealthy and powerful business person
adj. alike or close in meaning; closely related
adj. intensely eager; passionate
v. to soften or tone down the sound of. adj. not speaking or not able to speak; silent
n. a rapidly spreading and usually fatal disease
v. to illustrate by being an example of
n. a state of confusion or agitation; tumult
v. to fail to develop, change, or move
n. physical strength or courage to resist hardship, illness, or fatigue
adj. generously supplied with money or possessions; wealthy
v. to advance little by little beyond the usual limits or boundaries
adj. having great bulk or volume; ample
adj. determined by chance or whim rather than by reason or necessity
adj. showing ill will or hatred; producing harm or evil
adj. complicated; having many related details or parts
adj. not safe or secure; dangerously uncertain
v. to increase in size, amount, or degree
adj. kind; gracious; gentle. 2. favorable; not threatening
adj. so distorted or strange as to appear bizarre or comical
v. to exchange playful, teasing remarks. n. light, playful conversation
adj. 1. giving off light. 2. clear, easy to understand
v. to exchange goods or services without the use of money. n. the exchange of goods or services without the use of money
n. a form of a language spoken in a certain geographical region that has its own grammar, pronunciation, and vocabulary
n. something new; a new way of doing something.
v. to encourage or assist in some activity, especially a questionable one
n. 1. a comoplete view of a surrounding area. 2. a thorough presentation of a subject
n. the attempt to improve the well-being of those in need by donating money or aid
v. to cause to continue indefinitely
adj. abundantly productive
adj. 1. very brutal, wicked, or cruel. 2. appallingly bad; outrageous
adj. annoying; tedious
v. to compete for, as in a contest
adj. 1. incapable of making an error; never wrong. 2. unlikely to go wrong or fail
n. wealth
adj. puzzling; mysterious
n. silence or reserve
adj. showing impatience because of restrictions or delays
adj. 1. causing horror; extremely gruesome. 2. glowing with the redness of flames seen through a haze
v. to lose hope, strength, or vitality because of neglect or bad conditions
v. 1. to hurt the reputation of. 2. to destroy confidence or trust in.
adj. not suitable; inappropriate or improper
v. 1. to bring about or inflict. 2. to express or vent
v. to quarrel in a noisy or angry way
adj. marked by freshness or originality; willing to try new things
adj. clearly offensive or bad; conspicuously acting against what is right
adj. incapable of being controlled or held back
v. to plead in favor of; to defend. n. one who argues for or defends a person, group, or idea
adj. not bringing about the desired effect; futile
adj. inclined to keep one's thoughts and feelings to oneself; quiet and reserved.
n. a source of great wealth; something that brings great riches
v. to level to the ground; to destroy completely
n. a person with extensive knowledge, especially of the fine arts; a person of refined tastes
v. 1. to put off or postpone. 2. to yield to out of respect for the knowledge or authority of another
adj. not moving, changing, or developing
n. submitting to the wishes of another because of respect
v. to thwart; to make difficulties for or finding problems with
n. anything that is puzzling, mysterious, or hard to figure out
adj. 1. having to do with shepherds and herders. 2. relating to country life, and often presented as charmingly simple
v. to select and remove weak or inferior members from
n. 1. a basic food that is used frequently and in large amounts. 2. a U-shaped fastener with sharp edges. v. to attach with ______s. adj. most important; principal
v. to be forced to give up or lose. n. something lost or given up as a result of an error failing
n. an area of wet, swampy ground; deep mud. v. to get stuck as if in a swamp; unable to make progress

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