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DefinitionWordLesson #
adj. Artificially stiff or formal in manner3
n. Eagerness2
adj. Existing or occurring at the same time5
adj. Poor5
adj. Careless or irresponsible3
v. To foster the spread of6
v. To draw a conclusion from given facts2
v. To wander aimlessly4
adj. Lacking6
v. To refer to in an indirect way3
n. A person living during the same period as another5
v. To take away5
adj. Not continuous; happening at intervals1
n. Something that provides nourishment; food needed to live2
v. To measure the depth of water1
n. A theme or idea in a work of art or literature that is developed or repeated7
adj. Relating to the everyday world as opposed to that which is spiritual or eternal4
adj. Deep in thought; dreamily thoughtful3
adj. Marked by simplicity and lack of luxury4
adj. Showing sound judgement; wise5
adj. Expressing love or the state of being in love7
n. An analyzation6
v. To understand by examining closely; to solve1
v. To stay for a while6
n. A driving force; anything that causes an action1
n. A grant of money, often provided by a government to a group or individual7
adj. The condition of being a straggler2
adj. Required or demanded1
adj. Straight up and down; vertical1
DefinitionWordLesson #
adj. Excessive or unrestrained3
n. The art of public speaking6
v. To put an idea into a form that can be seen6
n. Promptness in responding2
adj. Playful or frolicsome3
v. To reproduce6
adj. Not necessary; irrelevant4
v. To urge strongly; to warn or appeal3
n. An indirect reference3
n. A figure or design repeated in the decoration of something, such as a building or textile7
adj. Making one's feelings known in a loud way6
v. To follow a winding course4
adj. Careful of and attentive to details, especially ones relating to good manners and behavior4
n. A shortage6
v. To support by giving financial aid7
adj. Greatly eager5
adj. Of or relating to public speaking6
v. To admit to be true, often reluctantly6
adj. Hard to explain or impossible to understand2
n. Personal belongings4
adj. Doing or requiring a lot of sitting4
v. To get smaller, dimmer, or weaker; to near an end5
adj. Ignoring what is right3
n. Reproduction6
v. To show excessive fondness for3
v. To analyze and determine the nature, value, or importance of6
n. A public speaker6
n. Equipment associated with a particular activity4
adj. Exceeding normal bounds; greater or more than seems reasonable7
DefinitionWordLesson #
n. A showy or dignified display3
n. An old saying that has come to be accepted as true; a proverb4
v. To feel or express grief3
adj. Sound judgement; wisdom5
v. To make part of a system; incorporate6
n. An expression of sorrow or grief in the form of a poem, song, etc.3
n. A strong urging or warning3
v. To grant or let have6
adj. Characterized by a ready flow of words; talkative7
n. An ungrateful person7
adj. Indulging in ease; avoiding exertion; lazy5
v. To reach the deepest part of1
v. To make poor5
v. To argue earnestly in an attempt to dissuade or show strong disapproval7
v. To cause to reproduce6
n. One who falls behind others because of moving slowly; a straggler2
n. Increased activity resulting from a driving force1
adj. Ravenous; desiring and eating a large amount of food5
adj. Overly positive and assertive about something that cannot be proved6
v. To express deep regret or sorrow over1
n. A visit or temporary stay6
adj. Full of or accompanied by2
v. To consider; to believe7
v. To praise highly1
adj. Laziness5
adj. Having great or significant consequences7
n. An unproven principle or belief held to be true6

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