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What is the name of the casino in Alternate 1985?It has 28 floors.
What McFly family relative is always behind bars?Better get used to these bars kids.
At what pair of American theme parks was 'Back to the Future: The Ride' located?A Comcast Company.
Who was the first McFly born in America?He peed on me.
What is Lorraine's maiden name?It rhymes!
What TV show did Marty saw was a rerun in 1955?To the moon, Alice!
Name gas station chain that has been in the Courthouse Square for 30 years.You can trust your car, to the service with the star.
What song is playing when Marty enters 'The Cafe '80s?'Where it's always Morning in America, even in the after-noo-noo-noon.
On what date (mm-dd-yyyy) did Marty become the first person to travel through time?Gotta get Back in Time.
What real-life musician made a cameo in 'Back to the Future?'It's just too darn loud.
What is the name of the DeLorean's energy reactor?The coffee makers high-powered cousin.
What character did Red Hot Chili Peppers' Flea play in the trilogy?Go! Go!
What was the name of Griff's hover board?His bark is worse than his bite.
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What is the traveling salesman peddling in 'Back to the Future III?'Ouch!
What real-life classic rock band made a cameo in 'Back to the Future III?'Beards. Lots of beards.
What is the name of the arcade game that Marty plays in 2015?Crack Shot.
What was the name of the band that played during the 'Enchantment Under the Sea' dance?He has a cousin named Chuck.
Who has the pleasure of hauling the manure in Hill Valley?MANURE!!!
Where did Marty and Jennifer get married?...and we're gonna get married.
Who originally played Marty McFly?Mask, Fast Times, Grey's Anatomy
What is the name of the farmer who cultivates pine trees in 1955?You killed my pines!
Who makes the shoes that Marty wears in 2015?Power laces!!
Who manufactured the hover board?Hey McFly, you bojo, those boards don't work on water.
When the Browns first came to America, what was their last name?It was changed prior to World Ward I.
What movie is playing in 2015?Still a Spielberg film.

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