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Updated Feb 11, 2014

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Be groovy. Be very groovy.
Escape is Just the Beginning.
The dead are talking and she is listening.
A comedy for anyone whose boss is an idiot.
The truth is out there.
In every generation there is one Chosen One. She is the Slayer.
Two adults. One kid. No grown-ups.
If one family doesn't kill him... the other one will.
Solving murders takes chemistry.
When news breaks, we fix it.
Freakin' sweet.
As addictive as vicodin.
Karma is a funny thing.
Secrets. Romance. Murder. All on one street.
They're not the survivors they think they are.
Every day above ground is a good one.
It's where all the beautiful people live
Life. Death. And life again.
Putting the herb in suburb.
America's favorite serial killer.
Obsession can change the world.
Computer geek by day, Government operative by night.

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