Unit Circle Review

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Trig FunctionSolution
Tan 0
Cot π/6
Cot π/2
Csc 2π/3
Cos π
Csc 5π/6
Sin π/3
Sin 4π/3
Sin 0
Cos π/6
Csc π
Sin π/6
Cos π/3
Cot 7π/6
Tan π
Sec 0
Sin 7π/6
Csc 0
Sec 2π/3
Sin π/2
Trig FunctionSolution
Sec 5π/6
Cot π/3
Cos 3π/2
Cot π
Cot 5π/3
Cot 0
Sec π/2
Sin 11π/6
Csc 4π/3
Cos 7π/6
Cos 5π/3
Tan 3π/2
Sin π/4
Tan 2π/3
Cos 3π/4
Cos 0
Tan 4π/3
Sin 3π/2
Csc π/2
Tan 3π/4

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