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Gender-neutral man defence
Mexican food / bent disc
Over, around or through the mark
Area-based defence
Long throw / Rhymes with 'duck'
Shirt on wrong way / type of throw
New players always get stuck in this position
Good thrower, or just short and slow
Cleat stop
No subs
Creatively highlight individual flaws from sideline
'Normal' throw
Unsportsmanlike conduct in the endzone
'My check is too fast'
Endzone turnover caught
Count / Delay until your teammates show
Upside down cross-body throw
Cross-field pass
Yell this to calm people down!
Field food / Shutout
Backhand from the flick side
'Upside down' throw
Forehand throw
'Tossing a frisbee between arguments'
Disc in the air!
Luke uses it
Lazy D / Way to cook an egg
Get in some kind of line
Angry monkey
Get out of the lane!
Theory that great individual plays are followed by poor ones
Go ho for it
Iconic northwest fish
Lesser sports would say 'run'
Not a 'Frisbee'
The 'sharpest' throw
Go over defender
Get D then score
Ineffective fruit-shaped cut
Makes quick short cuts against zone
Ceramic block used in masonry / 20 yard line
Poor guy Always marking in a zone
Safety throw / honey bucket activity
Too lazy to call an offence
Next point wins!
Flick with opposite/no spin
Tug on jersey / start game
The bestest play in ultimate

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