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Area-based defence
Mexican food / bent disc
Endzone turnover caught
'Tossing a frisbee between arguments'
Good thrower, or just short and slow
Field food / Shutout
Ineffective fruit-shaped cut
Creatively highlight individual flaws from sideline
Disc in the air!
Go ho for it
Theory that great individual plays are followed by poor ones
Count / Delay until your teammates show
Lazy D / Way to cook an egg
Not a 'Frisbee'
Too lazy to call an offence
Cleat stop
Go over defender
Angry monkey
Ceramic block used in masonry / 20 yard line
Tug on jersey / start game
New players always get stuck in this position
Shirt on wrong way / type of throw
Lesser sports would say 'run'
Long throw / Rhymes with 'duck'
'Normal' throw
Makes quick short cuts against zone
Safety throw / honey bucket activity
Iconic northwest fish
'My check is too fast'
Get D then score
Gender-neutral man defence
Unsportsmanlike conduct in the endzone
Next point wins!
'Upside down' throw
The 'sharpest' throw
Upside down cross-body throw
Get in some kind of line
No subs
Over, around or through the mark
Luke uses it
Flick with opposite/no spin
Poor guy Always marking in a zone
Forehand throw
Backhand from the flick side
Yell this to calm people down!
Get out of the lane!
The bestest play in ultimate
Cross-field pass

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