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Can you name the Best Picture nominee (2000-2009) by the last sentence of its Wikipedia plot summary ?

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Last sentence from plot summaryBest Picture nomineeYear
He tells the driver, 'Give me $50 worth. Just drive.'
She severs ties with her mother and plans to complete a General Educational Development test.
The film concludes with Jenny at Oxford, remarking in a voiceover that 'I probably looked as wide-eyed, fresh, and artless as any other student. But I wasn't.'
Laura reveals her decision to abandon her family after the birth of her daughter was one she felt she needed to make in order to maintain her sanity.
The film is framed by performance of the speech given by Murrow to the Radio and Television News Directors Association in 1958.
The movie provides a portrait of Charles’ musical genius as he overcomes drug addiction while transforming into one of his country’s most beloved performers.
Meanwhile, Carl's house is shown to have landed on the cliff beside Paradise Falls.
Gollum's darker self re-emerges and he decides to reclaim the ring by secretly leading Frodo and Sam to a creature he refers to only as 'her'.
He says the film's final line — 'Well, I'm back'.
Some time later, Juba, now free, buries Maximus' two small figurines of his wife and son in the ground where Maximus died, promising to see Maximus in the afterlife.
It is not until the next morning on another phone call they learn that Susan's sister cannot take care of them and thus Amelia is forced to take the children with her.
With that, they both leave the auditorium.
The film ends with Miles traveling back to Santa Ynez Valley and knocking on Maya's door.
The film ends in the summertime with [title character] and Paulie playing guitar and singing together, followed by a kiss.
The film ends with Michael getting back together with his daughter Julia at Hanna's grave and beginning to tell her his story.
The clan performs the ritual dedicated to Eywa that permanently transfers Jake from his human body into his Na'vi avatar.
Raine then carves a swastika into Landa's forehead, proclaiming that 'this just might be my masterpiece'.
In Mexico, Rodriguez watches as children play baseball at night in their new stadium.
A rat crawls along the apartment balcony, with the view of the Massachusetts State House in the background.
The film ends with a postscript noting that 9 of the 11 men targeted by Mossad were assassinated. Salameh was killed in 1979.
At the close of the film he is seen going through another tour serving with Delta company of an EOD unit as they are just starting their 365 day rotation.
When Plainview's butler comes down to check on him, Plainview simply says 'I'm finished.'
Scrap's narration is revealed to be a letter to Dunn's daughter, Katy, informing her of her father's true character.
The battle peaks when a band of river gypsies camp on the village outskirts and Vianne finds a strong, mutual sexual attraction with the Manush Romani (Gypsy) Roux.
'You know everyone thinks that we found this broken down horse and fixed him, but we didn't, he fixed us, everyone of us, and I guess in a way we kinda fixed each other too'.
As the performers get ready to take a bow, Satine succumbs to her illness, dying in Christian's arms.
Hoffman portrays [title character]'s conflict between personal literary ambitions and trying to maintain his role as a confidant to Perry, one of the two condemned killers.
Nearby, another minor fender-bender occurs involving Shaniqua and another foreign-born driver. They start insulting each other as the snow falls.
Last sentence from plot summaryBest Picture nomineeYear
The epilogue tells the audience that Nixon wrote a biography about himself, but never escaped controversy, until his death in 1994.
Ennis fastens the top button of Jack's shirt, and with tears in his eyes mutters, 'Jack, I swear...' while straightening the postcard, before closing the door and walking away.
Aubrey wryly notes that since the bird Maturin seeks is flightless, 'it's not going anywhere', and the two play a selection of Luigi Boccherini as the crew assumes battle stations.
The scene then shifts over the next hundred years, giving a view of modern New York with the graves of Bill Cutting and Priest Vallon gradually overgrown by bushes and weeds.
As the film ends he repeatedly mutters 'the way of the future... the way of the future' into a darkened mirror.
Title cards shown just before the end credits reveal that Hosenfeld died in 1952 in a Soviet KGB prisoner-of-war camp, but was posthumously honored for saving Szpilman's life.
When Blair suggests that he can help with this, The Queen replies: 'Don't get ahead of yourself, Prime Minister. Remember, I'm supposed to be the one advising you.'
Briony hopes that, by reuniting them in fiction, she can give them the happy conclusion to their lives that they have always deserved, Briony's atonement.
Sean reunites with his wife and his daughter Nora.
The film ends in a scrapyard, where Wikus, now fully transformed, is seen crafting a flower out of scrap metal.
Frodo accepts Sam's presence as together they continue their journey through the hills of Emyn Muil.
Benjamin's story now told, Daisy dies in her hospital bed.
She dies shortly afterward, and Barrie finds that her will is to have him and her mother to look after the boys; an arrangement agreeable to both.
The film concludes with Roxie and Velma receiving a standing ovation from an enthusiastic audience that includes Mama Morton and Billy Flynn.
This includes a note that Dan White's lawyers used the infamous Twinkie defense to get White's conviction reduced to voluntary manslaughter.
The two share a kiss, say goodbye and Bob departs.
When Bell got there, he knew his father would be waiting. Then he woke up.
The film ends with the archaeologists uncovering the letters and documents that Saigo buried in 1945.
The end credits include a dedication to director John Lee Hancock's father, a football player and coach who died in 2009.
The guests leave and Lady Sylvia enters [title place], while Jennings closes the door.
Jen then leaps over the side of the mountain into the clouds.
At the same time, Danny's teacher struggles to open the school's shelter door as a massive tornado bears down on them.
The movie ends with a dance scene on the platform to 'Jai Ho.'
The evidence was examined by a judge without a jury and PG&E was ordered to pay a settlement amount of $333 million that was divided among the 634 plaintiffs.
Richard tells Olive that her grandfather would be very proud of her, and the family happily piles into the ramshackle van and head back to their home in Albuquerque.
The title refers to the rear compartment of a lobster trap known as the 'bedroom' and the fact that it can only hold up to two lobsters before they begin to turn on each other.
The film concludes with Ryan giving a speech via voice over to a backdrop of clouds.

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