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What Celeb?Celeb
The New York Times claims Vince will be the next who?
Who plays the weed selling Sherpa?
What director meets Ari in a cemetery to give him a script?
What rapper is the first to tell the boys about the Medellin trailor being leaked?
What athlete convinces Vince to make a large charitable donation?
What actor convinces Vince to make a large charitable donation?
What singer does Justine Chapin film a music video with?
What Full House star lives next door to Vince and the boys?
Who gives the boys a flight to Cannes when they had too many people for their own plane?
Who do the boys steal Aquaman premiere tickets from, causing him to get very mad?
What star convinces Vince to do the dog telethon?
What actress rear ends E, then becomes his client?
Who is Vince's co-star in Head On?
What Celeb?Celeb
What actor does Drama wrongly accuse of being responsible for letting the monkeys loose at the Playboy Mansion?
What actress causes Drama to get an erection while he is filming a movie with her?
What actress does Vince insist that E set him up with before they head to New York to film Queens Blvd?
What Los Angeles Lakers star catches Drama checking out his calfs?
Who was Allen Gray's golf partner the day he dies?
Who does Vince bet $100,000 with on a soccer game?
Who is about to beat up Drama right before he realizes hes been 'Got'?
Who actually let the monkeys loose from the Playboy Mansion?
What athlete joins the boys in the charity golf tournament?
Who is the DJ at Ari's daughters Bat Mitzvah?
Who personally offers Vince a part in Gatsby?
What rapper does Turtle see while he's driving his new Ferrari?
Who takes the role Vince was offered in Matterhorn?

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