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No kidding. She sits three feet from me. It's the most annoying thing. It's like children singing _________ ______.Season 5 'Cafe Disco'
If my assessment is correct, you _____ your teeth?Season 5 'Cafe Disco'
What's the ratio of Stanley _______ to Schrute Bucks?Season 3 'The Job'
Normally I don't condone leaving early but I have an appointment with a _____ ______.Season 5 'Company Picnic'
Remain calm I have trained for this. Okay, exit the ______! Here we go.Season 4 'Dunder Mifflin Infinity'
Oh, I get it. You're trying to secure your place as head of the _____ _______ _________.Season 5 'Crime Aid'
No. I was saying that before. Not now. Now I am saying, '________.' The ancient Ductch art of screwing up your own team.Season 3 'Beach Games'
You're not a man! You don't know how to take care of her! All you do is dress fancy! And ____! Lalalalalala! What does that mean! You can't even protect her!Season 5 'The Duel'
Oh, my God. This is a store bought-camera. This isn't one of those special ________-_____ cameras that would be able to capture that.Season 7 'Classy Christmas'
Any really good headhunter will storm your village at sunset with overwhelming force and cut off your head with a ceremonial _____.Season 5 'Two Weeks'
The ___________. A man and his wife and children go into the offices of a talent agency.Season 3 'Beach Games'
Mose is my cousin, and he lives here. He will always be my best friend. Unless things go well with ____ today in which case I won't hang out with Mose so much anymore.Season 3 'Initiation'
This is the lake! This is the lake! There's no ____ here!Season 4 'Dunder Mifflin Infinity'

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