Twisted Metal Characters (1,2,3,4,Black)

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Games in (1,2,3,4,Black)CharacterDescription of Car
4Trash Truck
2Dune Buggy
AllTank (Smaller)
4Moon Car
3Boss in TM3
BlackPickup Truck, Mashed Face
3Hot Rod/Pyromaniac
4Meter Car
2, BlackTaxi
1,2,3,BlackHomeless Man/John Doe
 Organizer of TM
4Pizza Delivery Car
1Dune Buggy
2, BlackFuneral Car
1,2,3Monster Truck
1,2,3,BlackSports Car,Ghost Missle
2,3,4,Black2 wheels
AllIce Cream Truck
Games in (1,2,3,4,Black)CharacterDescription of Car
1,2,3,4Flame Throwing Pink Car
2Speed Racer
4Boss w/super slam. Tractor that slams
4Family, Station Wagon
2Boss in TM2
AllTank (bigger)
4Sports Car, Freezing Special
BlackSet out to kill Calypso
1,2,3,BlackPolice Car
4Rob Zombie
4Futuristic Car
3,4Drill Car
2Construction Vehicle, Special Picks Up/Slams Enemies
4Bug Exterminator
3Party Animal
1,2,3,BlackRig Truck
4Femal Drag Racer

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