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Song NameBand Name
This is Absolution
The Escape Artist
Consider it Mutual
The Darkest Day Of Man
Count Choculitis
Deliver Me
The Last Fight
Some Of The People, All The Time
Black Rose Dying
Follow The Water
Live In Love
Paper Lung
HTML Rulez D00d
Her Bones In The Sand
Turn Towards The Sun
You Got a Henna Tattoo That Said Forever
Nobody Don't Dance No More
Chelsea Smile
Love Lost In A Hail Of Gunfire
Broken Statues
Unholy Confessions
Sloth Loves Chunk
Song NameBand Name
Love Lies In Ashes
False Sense Of Sanity
Terror Starts At Home
The Prophet
Carlitos Way
Northpole Throwdown
Under A Serpent Sun
Scared of Light
Relentless Chaos
The Letter Experiment
A Serpents Tongue
Gore Gore Gadget
A Jew Traced Through Coal
Blood Of The Scribe
Last Three Letters
Twelfth Stroke Of Midnight
Cocaine Avalanche
The Webs We Weave
Wires And The Concept Of Breathing

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