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first halfteam namesecond half
(space) toilet cleaner color--nickname for names beginning in 'ja'
(no space) hardest mineral--opposite of fronts
(no space) smaller than ocean bigger than lake--predator of the skies
(space) color of blood--plural of sock
(space) main milk source--opposite of girls
(no space) what you yell when a tree is falling--cousin of the domestic dogs
(no space) darkest color--predator of the skies
first halfteam namesecond half
(no space) to move up and down repeatedly--felines
(space) color of surrender flag--sulphur oxides
(space) color of the sky--a short coat
(space) little '____' riding hood--all birds have a pair
(space) common syrup flavor--these cover the ground during fall
(space) path for hikers-lightweight jacket
no space) 3 letter color--largest organ

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