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Can you name the college teams by descriptions of their logos?

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The three letter abbreviation for the school in crimson, formed into an image of a cougar
A cowboy, holding two pistols, dressed in a crimson vest and black hat, and situated above the name of the school and the school's nickname
The letter 'P', with orange background and black stripes
The name of the school written in light blue with black and white trim, and a black and gray bear bearing its teeth below
A red flag with a black 'T' on it and the name of the school written in blue in front of the flag
An angry bluejay wearing a white sweater containing a blue 'C'
A scarlet 'S' pierced by a black 'D' which has an arrow through it, both trimmed with gold, and a gold 'State' written in the 'S'
The name of the school written in red, with a banner, containing the flag of the state in which the school is located, much longer than it is wide, located below the school name
The letter 'U' broken into two separated halves, the left half of which is orange and the right half of which is green
A red trident pointing upwards with yellow flames streaming off of it
An orange and blue angry horse, located above the name of the school in white with blue and orange trim
An oval with gold trim and black background, with a gold, black, and white tiger growling in the center
The letter 'V' with dark and blue and white trim, colored dark blue with two light blue stripes in the form of a 'V' in the center
A red oval with white background, and the letter 'G' circumscribed by the oval
A blue 'D' with a hexagon removed from the center instead of a semicircle
A scarlet octagonal 'O', trimmed with gray and white, and the name of the school written in an arc in front of the 'O'
A fierce wolf snarling, with the name of the school written above, all navy colored
A red 'S' with a redwood tree positioned in front of it
A colonial soldier wearing maroon hat and vest, standing above the name of the school and the school's nickname
A blue 'M' with white trim, and an orange tiger leaping over the right half

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