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Opening LyricName of SongAlbum
Late at night all systems go, you have come to see the showKill 'Em All
Dear mother, dear father...And Justice For All
You rise, you fallDeath Magnetic
Wish I may, wish I mightLoad
[Title], said [title], liberty or death, what we so proudly hailMetallica (The Black Album)
One last breath the four winds blowKill 'Em All
Hey, I'm your life, I'm the one who takes you thereMetallica (The Black Album)
Welcome to where time stands still, no one leaves and no one willMaster of Puppets
And it feels right this timeS & M
Give me [title], give my fire, give me which that I desireRe-Load
And the road becomes my bride, I have stripped of all but prideMetallica (The Black Album)
We're scanning the scene in the city tonightKill 'Em All
Sleep and dream of this death angel's kissDeath Magnetic
If I could have my wasted days back, would I use them to get back on track?St. Anger
Bodies fill the fields I see, hungry heroes endMaster of Puppets
Sleeping very soundly on a Saturday morning, I was dreaming I was Al CaponeGarage Inc.
Claustrophobic, crawl out of this skinDeath Magnetic
I can't remember anything, can't tell if this is true or dream...And Justice For All
Opening LyricName of SongAlbum
As I was goin' over the Cork and Kerry mountainsGarage Inc.
End of passion play, crumbling awayMaster of Puppets
Life, it seems, will fade awayRide the Lightning
Luck runs outDeath Magnetic
Never hungry, never prosper...And Justice For All
Fortune, fame, mirror vainRe-Load
Slaves, Hebrews born to serve the PharoahRide the Lightning
These are the eyes that can't see meSt. Anger
Suspicion is your name...And Justice For All
Train roll on, on down the lineGarage Inc.
My mother was a witch, she was burned aliveGarage Inc.
[Title] 'round my neck, [title] 'round my neckSt. Anger
Guilty as charged, but damn it, it ain't rightRide the Lightning
I'm gonna make you, shake you, take youLoad
No life 'til leather, we're gonna kick some a** tonight.Kill 'Em All
Say your prayers little one, don't forget, my son, to include everyoneMetallica (The Black Album)
Messenger of fear in sightMaster of Puppets
Make his fight on the hill in his early dayRide the Lightning

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