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Opening LyricName of SongAlbum
[Title], it's [title], try to save my soul tonightPresence
Walkin' in the park just the other day, baby, what do you, what do you think I saw?Led Zeppelin IV
Hey girl, stop what you're doin', hey girl you'll drive me to ruinLed Zeppelin I
Baby, baby, I'm gonna [title] to youLed Zeppelin II
You know, [title], [title] all night longLed Zeppelin I
Hangman, hangman, hold it a little whileLed Zeppelin III
[Title] are here again, as the summer evenings growHouses of the Holy
With a purple umbrella and a fifty cent hatLed Zeppelin II
Hey, hey mama, said the way you move, gonna make you sweat, gonna make you grooveLed Zeppelin IV
[Title], want nobody to mournPhysical Graffiti
Working from seven to eleven every nightLed Zeppelin III
Been [title] for so long, it's not trueLed Zeppelin I
You need coolin', baby, I'm not foolin'Led Zeppelin II
Opening LyricName of SongAlbum
Her face is cracked from smiling, all the fears she's been hidingLed Zeppelin III
It's been a long time since I rock-and-rolledLed Zeppelin IV
In the days of my youth, I was told what it means to be a manLed Zeppelin I
Singing in the sunshine, laughing in the rainHouses of the Holy
Oh, let the sun beat down upon my facePhysical Graffiti
Hey, lady, you got the love I needHouses of the Holy
We come from the land of the ice and snowLed Zeppelin III
Greasy, slicked down body, groovy leather trimPhysical Graffiti
There's a lady who's sure that all glitters is goldLed Zeppelin IV
Let me take you to the movies, can I take you to a show?Physical Graffiti
I had a dream, crazy dreamHouses of the Holy
Hey fellas have you heard the news, you know that Annie's back in townLed Zeppelin II

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