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we touch
we clutch
but its enough to make me wonder
its lust
you must be a sorceress
did the impossible
dont play games itll be dangerous
cause if i get burnt imma show you
cause ive been treated like dirt
and love is evol
nobody knows me im cold
its no ones fault but my own
frozen as snow i show
dont ask why i have no love
bloodsucking succubus
ive tried in this department
it sucks but its exactly what i thought
i got a hole in my heart im some kind of
something i wont go on til you toy with
its like an explosion every time i hold you
you take my breath away
im a spacebound rocketship and
and im aiming right at you
250 thousand miles on a clear
and im aiming right at you, right at you
i do whatever
when im with you i get the shakes
with you i have zero strength
no boundries
why do we say that until we get that
and then once we get them
you want them when
soon as they do
its not a contest and i aint no
i wasnt looking but when i stumbled
but so much is at stake
lets cut
but a door
promise me if i cave in and break
that i wont be
cause im a space bound rocket ship and
and im aiming right at you
250 thosuand miles on a clear
and im aiming right at you, right at you
so after a year and six months
but i love you
never mistreated
i poured my heart
let down my guard
ill blow my brains in your lap
drop to my knees
im tyring to stop you
i put both hands on your throat
til i snap your neck
aint no possible reason i can think of
and let you live
then i let you go and i give
i told you this
to show you how much i adored you
just promise me youll think of me

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