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Can you name the Superheroes by their Catch Phrases?

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Forced Order
Catch PhraseSuperhero
'Holy _____, Batman!'
'Great Hera!'
'I stand for truth, justice, and the American way.'
'This looks like a job for ________!'
'To me, my X-Men!'
'It's clobberin' time!'
'Autobots! Transform and roll out!'
'By the Hoary hosts of Hoggoth!'
'I have the power!'
Catch PhraseSuperhero
'Thunder…thunder…thunder…Thundercats! HO!'
'Up, up, and away!'
'Flame on!'
'In brightest day... in blackest night, no evil shall escape my sight! Let those who worship evil's might beware my power--___________'s light!'
'____ smash!'
'It’s your friendly neighborhood _________!'
'My spider sense is tingling!'
'With great power comes great responsibility.'
'Sweet Christmas!'
'Avengers, assemble!'
'You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry.'

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