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What allows Raj to speak to women?
How old was Sheldon when he received his doctorate degree?
Who are Sheldon's largest rivals at the university?
Where do Sheldon, Leonard, Raj and Howard work?
Where did Sheldon and his 'friends' go to search for slow-moving monopoles?
What was Raj drinking when he discovered his way of talking to women?
What drink does Sheldon order from Penny when she works the bar at her job?
At what restaurant does Penny work?
What does Sheldon refer to as sex?
What Star Trek star does Sheldon swear revenge on?
What supernatural ability does Penny believe in, but not Leonard?
Where did Wolowitz lose his virginity?
What is Sheldon's user name in the RPG, 'Age of Conan'?
What is Penny's username in 'Age of Conan'?
What does Wolowitz always wear under his shirts?

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