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Can you name the Woody Allen's films by characters?

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Forced Order
Ray, Frenchy, Denny
Olive, Helen, Eden
Nicole, Nola, Lee
Mother, Joe, Masked Avenger
Lenny, Linda Ash, Amanda
Ian, Terry, Howard
Sondra, Joe Strombel, Sid Waterman
Andrew, Ariel, Adrian
Melodie, Boris, Marietta
Amanda, Paula, Jerry
Emmet, Blanche, Hattie
Larry, Carol, Marcia
Miles Monroe, Luna Schlosser, Erno Windt
Cecilia, Tom Baxter, Monk
Isaac, Mary, Jill
Sandy, Isobel, Dorrie
Vicki, Alice Tate, Ed
Harry, Helen, Fay
Nola, Chloe, Chris
Sy, Laurel, Hobie
Judah, Dolores, Ben
Alvy, Allison, Rob
Lee, Holly, Elliot
Joey, Renata, Pearl
Nancy, Fielding, General Vargas
Vicky, Maria Elena, Judy
Gabe, Judy, Rain
Leonard, Eudora, Narrator
Tina, Nick, Danny
CW Briggs, Jill, Betty Ann Fitzgerald
Teri Yaki, Phil Moscowitz, Suki Yaki
Ellie, Val, Lori
Irmy, Kleinman, Prostitute
Virgil, Louise, Jake
The Queen, Dr Doug Ross, Gina
Lydia, Hope, Marion
Howard, Stephanie, Lane
Holden, DJ, Lane
Boris, Sonja, Mikhail

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