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SynopsisOperaExtra Info
Sigfried is given potion to make him forget Brunnhilde/Hagen son of Alberich kills him/Brunnhilde kills self/returns Ring to Rhine maidens/Valhalla burns & gods dieRing Cycle 4
Ada agrees to give up immortality to be with Arindal/Zemina and Fazana don't want her to/Arindal saves her with help from magician Groma1st completed opera
Title character makes love to Venus but repents/goes to Wartburg to win past love Elisabeth in singing contest/his past with Venus is exposed/travels to pope for forgivenessHas a 'Dresden version' and a 'Paris version' which includes ballet
Title character reforges Siegmund's sword Nothung/kills dragon Fafner/drinks blood & understands bird language/obtains Ring/wakes Brunnhilde who chooses mortality/learns fearRing Cycle 3
The son of Parsifal, knight of the Holy Grail, is sent in a boat pulled by swans to rescue Princess Elsa who can never ask his identity/contains Bridal Chorus (Here Comes the Bride
Siegmund rescues Sieglinde/they realize they are twins and sleep together conceiving Siegfried/Wotan is their father/Fricka demands he kill Siegmund/he sends Brunnhilde to do itRing Cycle 2
Name means 'pure fool'/Amfortas is wounded and does not heal/title character destroys Klingsor's realm after Kundry fails to seduce him/becomes King of Grail KnightsNo applause at end of 1st act
SynopsisOperaExtra Info
Walther (knight) wants to marry Eva/her father pledged to give her to winner of singing contest/Beckmesser expects to win/Hans Sachs (cobbler) teaches Walther how to win/he doesLasts approximately 4.5 hours/2nd comedy (only good one)
One title character is to be married to King Marke/his nephew is to bring her/he killed her 1st fiance/she tries to poison him but they drink love potion instead/both die at end
Composed after Shakespeare's Measure for Measure/Isabella tries (& succeeds)to rescue her brother from death sentence by State-holder Freidrich (her former lover who abandoned her)1st comedy (disaster)
Daland pledges daughter Senta to title character for gold/she wants to save him from curse by her fidelity/throws herself into the sea & dies releasing him/they ascend to heaven
Title character vanquishes the patricians of Rome and elevates the power of the people/eventually they and the pope turn against him/burned to death in collapsing building
Alberich (dwarf) steals title object to create a ring to rule the world/Wotan takes it after Loge tricks him into turning into a toad/gods move into Valhalla/Alberich curses ringRing Cycle 1

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