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Group of steamboat passengers share stories as they travel down Mississippi to New OrleansHis Masquerade (1857)
Scribe for a law office initially works well but then decreases work load responding with 'I would prefer not to'/prefers not to do anything until he starves to death in prison short story (1853)
Title character is impressed about HMS Bellipotent/stutters/kills antagonist Claggart/court-martialed & executednovella published posthumously (1924)
Title character is engaged to Lucy Tartan/takes off with Isabel (half-sister)/lives with her in poverty/shoots Glen Stanley on Broadway/suicide in prisonThe Ambiguities (1852)
Title character leaves farm to fight in American Revolution/wounded at Bunker Hill/captured by Brit navy but escapes/meets King George, Ben Franklin, JP Jones, Ethan AllenHis Fifty Years of Exile (1855)
Title character is refined youth among course sailors on ship Highlander/rough conditions in Liverpool/becomes friends with Bolton (dies at sea)/person spontaneously combustsHis First Voyage (1849)
Based on his actual experiences as a captive on Nuku Hiva in the Marquesas Islands/living with cannibalsA Peep at Polynesian Life (1846)
Sequel to Typee/main character escapes Nuku Hiva on whaling vessel, goes to Tahiti, mutiny on ship, majority of crew imprisoned in TahitiA Narrative of Adventures in the South Seas (1847)
American sailer abandons whaling vessel to explore South Pacific/philosophical but not well receivedAnd a Voyage Thither (1849)
Main character is novice sailor nick-named for clothes/based on Melville's 14 month service in US Navy on frigate United States/critical of naval life especially floggingThe World in a Man-of-War (1850)
'Call me Ismael'/Capt Ahab chases down white whale which took off one of his legs/ship Pequod is sunk by whaleThe Whale (1851)
Amaso Delano in ship Bachelor's Delight rescues title character whose ship (San Dominick) was taken over by African slavesnovella (1856)

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