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Douglas reads manuscript of young governess is hired to care for Miles & Flora/Quint & Jessel appear as ghosts/Miles dies after ghost of Quint appears in windowHenry James
Sequence of short stories & novels which presents a panorama of French life after the 1815 fall of NapoleonHonore de Balzac
Namesake character tries to make a match between her friend Harriet Smith and Mr. Elton/after being interested in Frank Churchill she marries Mr. KnightleyJane Austen
Catherine Morland, daughter of a country clergyman, is into Ann Radcliffe gothic novels/she goes to Bath with the wealthy Allens/falls for Henry Tilney rejecting John ThorpeJane Austen (1st novel completed though published posthumously)
Set during French Revolution/Sydney Carton sacrifices his life for his look-alike Marquis Charles Darnay who marries Lucie Manette/Defarges are JacobinsCharles Dickens
2nd in Chronicles of Barsetshire series/Bishop Proudie & wife make enemies in new position/Mr Slope wants to marry rich widow Eleanor Bold/she marries Rev Arabin insteadAnthony Trollope
Prince Myshkin returns to Russia from Swiss sanatorium/falls for Aglaya Yepanchin/Rogozhin wants Nastassya Filippovna/Myshkin pities Filippovna/Rogozhin kills her/Myshkin goes madFyodor Dostoevsky
Debates God, free will, and morality/Fyodor (father) and 3 brothers, Dmitri, Ivan, and Alyosha/father is murdered by Smerdyakov (illegitimate son)Fyodor Dostoevsky
Choirmaster John Jasper is in love with Rosa Bud, his nephew's fiancee/Neville Landless also loves her/title character mysteriously disappearsCharles Dickens (Unfinished final novel)
Wealthy young Isabel Archer from NY visits cousins (Touchett's) Europe/turns down Warburton & Goodwood but marries Osmond (jerk American) in Italy/she likes his daughter PansyHenry James
Protagonist is raped by Alec, marries Angel Clare who leaves her after learning her past, becomes Alec's mistress, stabs him to death, and is executed Thomas Hardy
Tells of the adventures of Natty Bumpo and his two Indian friends, Uncas and Chingachgook, face as they lead Cora and Alice Munro through the wildernessJames Fenimore Cooper
Homeless boy Heathcliff is adopted by the Earnshaw's/falls in love with Catherine E but she marries Edgar Linton/vows revenge on Hindly EEmily Bronte (pseud. Ellis Bell)
Anne Eliot loves Capt Wentworth/she turned him down under pressure from family and Lady Russell/ultimately marries him upon his return from seaJane Austen
Raskolnikov kills an old female pawnbroker for her cash justifying it by connecting himself with Napoleon and saying murder is permissible to achieve higher purposeFyodor Dostoevsky
Chichikov pays Russian landowners for deceased serfs to make $/scheme backfires/flees town in disgrace/1st in an unfinished trilogyNikolai Gogol
Political novels set in provincial Russia/Verkhovensky organizes revolutionaries (Shigalev, Kirillov, Virginsky) & kills Shatov/scheme falls apart/Stavrogin commits suicide at endFyodor Dostoevsky
Charles Marlowe is an ivory transporter in the Congo/Mr. Kurtz, the RussianJoseph Conrad
Subtitled 'The Weaver of Raveloe'/after being falsely accused and convicted of stealing church money title character adopts Eppie who chooses him over life as gentleman's daughterGeorge Eliot (Mary Ann Evans)
William _____ the 'Father of the Marshalsea' debtors prison, Title character marries Arthur ClennamCharles Dickens
Short story collection published under the name of Diedrich Knickerbocker/includes The Legend of Sleepy Hollow and Rip Van WinkleWashington Irving
Title character falls for Hetty Sorrel but she falls for Arthur Donnethorne who impregnates her/she leaves baby in field to die and is convicted of child murderGeorge Eliot (Mary Ann Evans' 1st novel)
Helen Graham (really Huntingdon) leaves her abusive husband Arthur with her son, also Arthur, and hides at title location/falls for and marries Gilbert Markham after husband diesAnne Bronte (pseud. Acton Bell)
Orphaned Nell lives with grandfather who tries to make a fortune for her by gambling/due to losses they are evicted from title locationCharles Dickens
Title character is sent to London by stepfather Murdstone/landlord Macawber is imprisoned for debt/antagonists Steerforth and Uriah Heep/marries Agnes WickfieldCharles Dickens
Historical, psychological novel set in Bourbon Restoration after Napoleon/Julien Sorel rises socially/title refers to colors worn by army & clergyStendhal (Henri Beyle)
Subtitled 'A Study of Provincial Life'/Dorothea Brooke marries Edward Casaubon who is writing The Key to All Mythologies/after he dies she falls for his nephew LadislawGeorge Eliot (Mary Ann Evans)
Set during the Gordon Riots of 1780/Dicken's 1st historical novel/Willets, Vardens, Haredales, and Lord George Gordon along with title characterCharles Dickens
Prince Andrei Bolkonsky dies from war wounds, Pierre Bezhukov becomes a count, Nikoli Rostov loses his shirt gambling but grows up in the end, and Moscow burnsLeo Tolstoy
Count Vronsky has an affair with title character who cheats on her older husband Leo Tolstoy
Satire of Victorian society/name reversed is close to 'nowhere'/contains the 'Book of the Machines'/dystopian novel about HiggsSamuel Butler
Arkady Kirsanov and friend Bazarov (nihilist) come home from college/Arkady marries Katya/Bazarov dies of Typhus/Bazarov has been called the first BolshevikIvan Turgenev
Protagonist wants to be a scholar/makes foolish marriage to Arabella/runs off with cousin Sue/Little Father Time kills himself & their two children/Sue returns to husbandThomas Hardy
Fanny Price is sent to live with wealthy aunt's family at 10 years old/falls in love with cousin Edmund Bertram/he falls for her after first falling for Mary CrawfordJane Austen
The Dashwoods are turned out of their estate when the father dies, Marianne marries Colonel Brandon after being dropped by Mr. Willoughby, Elanor marries Edward FerrarsJane Austen
Lydia Bennet elopes with Mr. Wickham, Lizzie marries Mr. Darcy, and Jane marries Mr. BingleyJane Austen
Title character dreams of having a son only to have wife & young son die/daughter Florence is neglected and marries Walter & goes to China/father reunites with her and her childrenCharles Dickens
Follows lives of friends Becky Sharp & Amelia Sedley/Becky advances in society but has very bad character/Amelia marries George Osborne who dies at WaterlooWilliam Makepeace Thackeray
Jarndyce and Jarndyce chancery case involves John Jarndyce, Richard Carstone, and Ada Claire;Esther Summerson is the illegitimate daughter of Lady DedlockCharles Dickens
Title character inherits land and moves to the country/meets Tatyana/years later he attempts to woo her but his attempts are rejectedAlexander Pushkin
Cedric the Saxon, Brian de Bois-Guilbert (Templar), Gurth the swineherd, Isaac of York, Jewess Rebecca, Rowena, Robin Hood, Richard I, and title characterSir Walter Scott
Title character and grandfather share same name/Martin wants to marry Mary but grandfather disapproves/Seth Pecksniff greedy architect and cousin Jonas are antagonistsCharles Dickens
Subtitled 'the Parish Boy's Progress', Title character is an orphan who escapes to London, meets the Artful Dodger and comes into the clutches of Fagin, the leader of a crime ringCharles Dickens
Gwendolyn Harleth marries wealthy Grandcourt who is wicked and drowns/title character marries Mirah after discovering he is really JewishGeorge Eliot (Mary Ann Evans' last novel)
Michael Henchard auctions his wife Susan and baby daughter Elizabeth-Jane off to a sailor when drunk/he becomes mayor of small town/has illegitimate relationship with LucettaThomas Hardy
Follows the title character through various, difficult experiences as a governess with the Bloomfield and Murray families/ marries Edward Weston and ends happyAnne Bronte (pseud. Acton Bell)
Joe Gargery, Orlick, Herbert Pocket, Wemmick, Mr. Jaggers, Abel Magwitch, Miss Havisham, Estella/bildungsroman about Phillip Pirrup (Pip)Charles Dickens
title character sells soul so his portrait will age instead of him/he pursues hedonistic life & negative effects on picture remind him of his sins/Lord Henry, Basil Hallward, SybilOscar Wilde
Thomasin marries Damon Wildeve who loves the beautiful Eustacia Vye who marries Clym Yeobright/Wildeve & Eustacia drown/Venn marries Thomasin & live in Egdon HeathThomas Hardy
Sarah Reed, Miss Scatcherd, Helen Burns, Mrs. Fairfax, St. John Rivers/Title character falls in love with Edward Rochester but can't marry him b/c of his insane wife Bertha MasonCharlotte Bronte (pseud. Currer Bell)

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