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what is the Golden Ratio to 3 decimal places
write (tan25 + tan40)/(1+tan25tan40) as a single trig function
how many faces does an icosahedron have?
single interior angle of regular dodecagon
what is the sum of the coefficients of (x + y)^7
how many edges does a dodecahedron have
what shape is used for the faces of a regular hexahedron
what is the 5th row of Pascal's triangle
write 2sin38cos38 as a single trig function
what is the sum of the coefficients of (x - y)^7
number of ways to pick 4 objects out of a group of 6
what was Euler's nationality
what is the modulus of z = -6 + 8i
write cos75cos24 + sin24sin75 as a single trig function
area of a parallelogram with sides of 6 and 9 and an included angle of 30 degrees
how many petals does the rose curve y = 8sin5(theta) have?
finds a vector perpendicular to two other vectors in 3-space
how many prime numbers are there less than 100

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