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Work/Other Info
Anabasis of Alexander/Discourses of Epictetus/Indica
History of Rome (Ab Urbe Condita - From the Founding of the City) - 142 Volumes!
Satires/poems in dactylic hexameter/banished to Egypt by Domitian for offensive satire/coined 'bread and circuses'
The Lives of the Twelve Caesars (De Vita Caesarum)/Famous Men (about Horace, Lucan, Terence,...)
Roman slave who adapted Greek plays/The Mother-in-Law/Phormio/The Eunuch/The Girl from Andros/Adelphi
Annals/Histories/Germania Agricola
On the Nature of Things (De rerum natura)
Phaedra/Thyestes/The Madness of Hercules/tutored Nero/invented they revenge tragedy
Work/Other Info
116 carmina (anthology of poetry)
Ars Poetica/Odes/Epodes
The Golden Ass/Cupid and Psyche
Metamorphoses/Amores/ The Art of Love/Letters from the Black Sea/Song of Sadness
a plebian who opposed old aristrocracy/became partisan of Julius Caesar & govenor in Africa/Catline's War/The Jugurthine War/Histories
Epistulae/Eyewitness account of eruption of Vesuvius
Naturalis Historia/Died at the eruption of Vesuvius
Speeches called 'philippics' against Mark Antony who had him executed.

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