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Final battle between Darius III and Alexander
Greek ethnographer & explorer (350-290 BC)/author of Indika/ambassador of Seleucus I to India possibly to Chandragupta
Successor dynasty of Alexander in Mesopotamia and Persia
Historian who recorded the campaigns of Alexander in Anabasis of Alexander
Athenian statesman during Golden Age/turned Delian League into Athenian empire/fostered democracy/began building on Acropolis including Parthenon (495-429 BC)
Plato's school
Historian who compared Alexander's life with King Pyrrhus and Julius Caesar
Greek sculptor who created the Statue of Zeus at Olympia
Battle responsible for inspiring an Olympic race
Spartan king who died holding off the Persians at Thermopylae (540-480 BC)
Pass where 300 Spartans held off Persian attackers before being betrayed
Athenian leader who defeated Persians at Salamis (524-459 BC)
Aristotle's school
First direct encounter of Alexander and Darius III
Servant class of Sparta
Alliance of Greek states established by Phillip II of Macedon in 338 BC/337 BC after the Battle of Chaeronea, to facilitate his use of military forces in his war against Persia
Role reversal of Thermopylae in Alexander's invasion of Persia
Founded in 478 BC/association of Greek city-states numbering between 150-173 under the leadership of Athens to continue fighting the Persians after the Battle of Plataea
Successor dynasty of Alexander in Egypt
Collective name of Alexander's generals, friends, & heirs who divided up his empire
General responsible for defeating the Persians at Marathon
Meeting place of Athenian council of nobles
Type of long spear utilized by the Greeks
Small kingdom established in Asia Minor after the death of Alexander
Athenian statesman/son of Miltiades/created Athenian maritime empire after 480-479 Persian invasion/won Battle of Eurymedon River (466BC) vs Persia/exiled by Pericles (510-450 BC)
Athenian practice of exiling political leaders
Judean revolt against Antiochus IV Epiphanes
War between Sparta and Athens
338 BC battle in Boeotia, between Philip II of Macedon & an alliance of Greek city-states including Athens &Thebes/decisive victory for Phillip ended Greek resistance
Athenian statesman/attempted to legislate against political, economic, & moral decline/reforms failed but laid foundations for Athenian democracy (638-558 BC)
Father of Alexander the Great (382-336 BC)
Eastern Persian capitol taken by Alexander
480 BC Naval battle in Saronic Gulf near Athens that defeated Xerxes (2nd Persian invasion of Greece)
Cretan civilization
Fighting formation used by Alexander the Great
Successor dynasty of Alexander in Greece & Macedonia

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