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How to Play Forced Order
Old Fuss n' Feathers
Horse's name was Traveler
Top Union cavalry commander
Confederate general who captured Ft. Sumter
Union general at Chancellorsville
Confederate general who took Frankfort, KY and installed a confederate governor there
Union general at Vicksburg
Confederate cavalry commander from Kentucky
Confederate general at Vicksburg
Professor of rhetoric at Bowdoin College in Maine before war (became prez after war)/32nd Governor of Maine/fluent in 10 languages
Confederate general who fought with Sherman from Chattanooga to Atlanta before being replace by Hood
Short-term Union general/called The Pathfinder b/c of 4 expeditions to CA/became 1 of the 1st senators from CA/1st Republican to run for Pres in 1856/governor of AZ Territory
Wrote Ben Hur
Confederate cavalry commander in the east
Union general who took Roanoke
Claimed to have told Lee at Gettysburg: 'No 15,000 men ever arrayed for battle can take that position.'
Union general based at Cairo, Illinois who took forts on the Cumberland and Tennessee Rivers
Home was Arlington House/now Arlington National Cemetary
Defended hill Little Round Top on extreme left flank of Union army as a colonel at Gettysburg (won Medal of Honor)/commanded Union troops at Lee's surrender
Put forth the 'Anaconda Plan'
Rock of Chickamauga
Confederate general with same first and last name as Confederate Lieutenant (& pharmacist) who created Coca-Cola/they were cousins
Confederate general who lost use of an arm at Gettysburg and completely lost a leg at Chickamauga
Union general at 2nd Bull Run
Confederate general of 7 Days Battles
Confederate general who led Shenandoah Valley campaign
Union naval commander on the Mississippi who assisted Grant in Tennessee
Mortally wounded at Yellow Tavern
Confederate general hit by friendly fire at Chancellorsville after leading surprise attack
Union general at Fredericksburg
Confederate cavalry officer who later became the first Grand Wizard of the KKK
Union general who captured Savannah
Said, 'War is cruelty. You cannot refine it.'
CSA/2nd in command at Shiloh/took over after Albert Sydney Johnston was mortally wounded/defended Charleston/defensive gamble at Petersburg saved Richmond
Was widely but falsley credited with creating baseball
1st commander of the Union army in the Department of the West based in St Louis/issued emancipation edict w/out consent of Lincoln & was removed/elevated Grant to lead at Cairo, IL
Naval commander who took New Orleans
Union general who ran as a Democrat and was defeated in the 1880 Presidential election
Confederate general who was an Episcopal bishop
Union general who ran as a Republican and won the 1880 Presidential election
Union general at Shiloh
Confederate general at Shiloh
Union general at Gettysburg
Union commander who surrendered Ft. Sumter
Confederate general famous for charge at Gettysburg

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