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Work/Other InfoAuthor
The Wasps
Epinikia (Victory Odes)/Hymns/Songs for Maidens/Songs for Light Dances/Songs of Praise/one of the 9 lyric poets
Hellenica/Anabasis/Cyropaedia/On Horsemanship
The Histories
_______ Hymns/Battle of the Frogs and Mice/The Iliad/The Odyssey
Parallel Lives
Anabasis of Alexander/Discourses of Epictetus/Indica
Protagoras/Meno/Crito/Phido/The Republic
Lyric poet famous for his drinking songs and hymns/one of the 9 lyric poets
Work/Other InfoAuthor
adapted Greek new comedies/Pseudolus/Miles Gloriosus/Meaechmi (inspired Shakespeare's Comedy of Errors)
Theogeny/Works and Days
Athenian New Comedy
History of the Pelopponesian War
The Oresteia
Oedipus Rex
The Trojan Women
Female poet from Lesbos
Nicomachean Ethics/Poetics/Prior Analytics/Physics

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