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Actor/ActressCharacterBrief Bio
Jason PriestlyWorks at the Morgue, bad guy, Hero's Opposite
Zach GalifianakisMorgue Manager
Kristoffer Polahamain character's first love interest, college professor, main character dumps him when he cheats
Lizzy CaplanMed Student (one of 3), main character's best friend (Season 2)
Eliza DushkuMain Character/Hero
Shawn ReavesMain character's brother, gambler
Cotter SmithMain Character's father
Liz VasseyMorgue attendant's love interest, in league with bad guys, psychiatrist(sp?)
Actor/ActressCharacterBrief Bio
A.J. CookMain Character's best friend (Season 1)
Wade Andrew WilliamsHit Man, believed to have killed main characters mom when she was little, hired by main character's dad
Jessica CollinsMain Character's older sister
Benjamin BenitezMorgue Attendant (Season 1), goes on runs, 'Bad Guy' replaces him
Parry ShenMed Student (one of 3) (Season 2), friends with main characters best friend and main character's love interest
Matthew BomerMain Character's love interest in Season 1
Eric Christian OlsenMed Student (one of 3), main characters love interest (Season 2)

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